If you follow me on Instagram (bookwormtothemax_), I asked all of you to share why ALL teens should read books. This subject means a lot to me because teens now don’t read as much as they should. Because teens are so preoccupied with friends, parties, and social media, they turn away from books. I just wish teens would open their eyes and realize how much magic is in reading books.

I said I will pick 3 people who had the best reasons on why teens should read books and those 3 people are: @royalt16 , @nameofthedauntlessmuggles , and @sofiaislas! So thank you to those who shared their awesome opinions and feedback! Follow these awesome bookworms on instagram!

Now, Here are a few reasons why ALL teens should read books…

                                1. @sofiaislas said: “You go on an adventure you never thought possible.”

            What teens don’t realize is that every time you start a book, you go on an adventure every time. Nothing can compare to the feeling when you’re reading a book. It’s priceless. You can be a detective, a wizard, a movie star, or a vampire just with a turn of a page. Crazy huh? With great books, You build this movie inside your head and transport yourself into the story. You feel like you’re ACTUALLY there watching the events unfold in front of your eyes. No one can control you when you are reading a book. Your thoughts are your own. The power you get from reading is what makes books so special.

      2.  “Books give you freedom and an escape from reality.”

              Books let your imagination go wild. You don’t have to be good at reading to love a book. You just have to be yourself and let the words speak to your heart, mind, and soul. Whoa, that was deep. With every book comes new characters and new stories for you to love. They make you feel sad, happy, amused, and like what all of us readers say: ALL THE FEELS. You go through this traumatic, yet life-changing experience. You look at the people around you and realize that they didn’t go through what you just went through. No matter how you are feeling, books are always there to bring you into fantasy.

       3. @royalt16 said: “Reading develops your mind and makes you more creative in more aspects of your life.”

             This point means a lot to me because great books have the power to change you. The lessons you learn stay with you, always. Since I’ve started reading my mind and thoughts are more complex and I’m more analytical about situations. You know in English class when every teacher would say that when you are analyze a piece of literature, figuring out why and how something occurred is more important than just figuring out what happened. Reading books outside of school helps you interpret literature and teaches you how to use books to make yourself a better person.

        4. @nameofthedauntlessmuggles said: “It’s FUN!!!”

            This seems like the most simple reason, but it is the most important! Teens don’t realize how fun reading is. It gives you an experience that twitter, facebook, and texting won’t give you. If you think reading is boring, you’re obviously doing it wrong. In order to have a fun reading experience, explore which genre interests you best. Some genres are not for everyone, that’s why picking the right genres for you are important. Also, ask your friends! Maybe the last few books you’ve read kind of sucked. Don’t give up! Ask friends or other bookworms for book recommendations. Every reader knows that moment when they feel like one particular book speaks to them. You can have that feeling too if you explore the world of reading!

        5. “It’s relaxing!”

           All teens experience stress. Some have more stress than others, which is why everyone needs some type of relaxing routine. Books are perfect for a relaxing time to yourself. High school can be very stressful with school, homework, and grades. I know that when I’m feeling anxious or stressed out, reading helps me calm down and just relax!

I hope that this helps you to realize why ALL teens should read books.

Thanks again to all my followers on IG that participated!

Until next time…

Catcha later readers!