I had very VERY high expectations for Vampire Academy. It’s one of my favorite book series and I expected it to be EPIC. It was more than I expected! I loved everything about the movie: the characters, the words, and Dimitri Belikov. LOL. If you haven’t seen VA yet, I recommend that you see it soon! Even if you have not read the books, the movie was well-descriptive so you are not confused.

In my opinion, Zoey Deutch was the perfect Rose Hathaway. She did so well in the movie, I was speechless. Danila Kozlovsky who plays Dimitri Belikov was AMAZING. When I first heard of Vampire Academy being put into a movie, I knew that the guy that plays Dimitri had to be powerful, gorgeous, and a god. Dimitri was wonderful in the movie. My heart practically melted everytime he said, “Roza…” in his deep, husky Russian voice.

The only negative thing I had about the movie was I wanted it to be longer! I felt it was kind of rushed, in a way. Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted more Dimitri/Rose time together and more Lissa/Christian moments. Either way, the movie was awesome.

Go see Vampire Academy! In theaters now!

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