Hello! I’m Alexandra from the blog Little Bookling at http://littlebookling.wordpress.com and I’m guest reviewing today! Yay it’s a party!


So I just finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and wow! That book is so good! It is the perfect blend of science and magic which makes you think hmm this could actually happen. Before I continue this review you probably want to know what the book is about right? The Night Circus is a tale about a girl and a boy who fall impossibly in love.  But it’s so much more! Morgenstern is a master of imagery and while reading I could taste the treats she describes the character eating and smell the caramel apples she describes the characters eating.

I wished I could have been at the midnight dinners and everyone of the dresses worn by any character I could picture in my head. I only give the book 4 stars though because the ending was kinda blah. You know the saying that goes something like it’s the journey that counts not the destination? Well that’s what The Night Circus was for me. I loved the plot and how the whole circus was built around a game. It intrigued me. However, I felt like the ending did not do the book justice as the book is so much more than a love story like the cover claims.

The imagery almost made up for the ending because I felt like I was in the circus and had visited each tent. I ached while reading this for it to be real. Ugh I wish it was real! Read this book! It is overall marvelous and I think anyone who wishes to be transported to a different world full of mystery and suspense will adore it. This is kinda off topic but I think for my sweet 16 I’m going to have a midnight dinner theme based off this book. Anyway thank you so much Eileen for letting me write a review for you! Come check out the review Eileen did on my blog! Bye Bye baby books!!