Hello, Bookworms and welcome to this week’s Feature Friday. Every Friday, you can see cool bookish videos, announcements, author interviews, and much more! So come back and see what’s new! This Friday is an author interview with the amazing, Britt Nunes! Thank you Britt for taking the time to answer these questions and joining us here on Bookwormstothemax!

Interview Questions

Britt: First off, let me say you made this little, literary dork so ecstatic that you asked me for an interview! Thank you so very much, I’m sending you spaceships full of thanks! Okay, now I’ll get into your questions.


Eileen: Where did you get the idea for your debut novel, Etched?

Britt:  The idea for Etched came from desperation. I just trashed a story I was trying to make work, and had nothing rolling around in my head; which is a very heartbreaking thing for a writer. I work in a grocery store, in the bakery mostly, and when I label my product to put out I have so many labels that I roll them up and slap them on my forearm. Yup, simple as that! It started off with a few questions: What if someone had to hide something on their forearm? Why? What would it be? Then, the prologue and first chapter popped into my head. Opening a word document, I started to write. I didn’t even know what I was writing; I just needed to write something! This nameless girl had a story for me, and I would discover all her secrets if I just kept writing.


Eileen: Why did you decide to become an author?

Britt:Because my characters will not leave me alone, and it seems to be okay to talk to all the imaginary people in your head if you say you’re an author (hahaha…writer humor). I’m a dork; I can’t help poking fun at myself. I always dabbled in writing, but it wasn’t until I was college that I started taking it seriously. It’s funny that I never took any writing courses, other than required English, but I loved words and stories. It wasn’t until I finished my first novel (it’s trashed now), that I thought of myself as a writer. Having a completed novel just makes you want to share it with everybody, hoping they get as enthralled as you did.


Eileen:If you could meet any author, who would it be? and why?

Britt: It’s a tie between two: Teri Hall & Marissa Meyers.

They are both amazing writers and storytellers. Hall’s books actually gave me a lot of inspiration when I first started writing Etched.


Eileen:  What is your favorite book (or books) ?

Britt: Teri Hall: The Line Series

She has amazing prose and the plot was sweet. It was such a quick, fun read. That series has a special spot in my heart.

Marissa Meyers: The Lunar Chronicles

I love this series (can’t wait for Winter!). It has everything, action, amazing plot, and romance. Her books make me feel like a terrible writer because that’s just how awesome they are!


Eileen: What is your writing environment like?

Britt:Ideally: Starbuck’s coffee, my laptop, early in the morning (like 4 AM/6 AM), and alone in my apartment.

Normally: Starbuck’s coffee (that’s the one think I can’t skimp on…I need my coffee!), and whenever my mind is awake enough for complex thinking. I work midnights – baking breads, bagels, pies, cookies, etc. – all through the night, so when I get off my brain, most times, refuses to work. So, I take what I can get; which means my writing schedule is all over the place. I also write everywhere it’s comfortable and quiet, switching from my table, to my bed, to the floor, and sometimes even the bathroom.


Eileen: How do you balance writing with other things in your life?

Britt: I’m still learning that…hahaha. My goal is to become a full-time writer; I think that would help a lot with my balancing.


Eileen: What advice would you give an inspiring author?

Britt: It’s nothing new, but it’s oh so true…kept writing. Also, do your research, search out people who will give you honest feedback, don’t be scared to trash work that doesn’t work for your overall story (yes, even stuff you would sell your kid brother to keep), and don’t give up. All I have is my love for words, stories, and determination. Not to be all daytime talk show on you guys, but if I can do it, you so can too.


Eileen:  Do you have any hobbies or interests unrelated to books?

Britt: I like to hang out with my sisters and be reminded just how much I love their weirdness.


Eileen:If you weren’t an author, what would you be?

Britt: A dinosaur tamer, alien cyborg or a star fisher (hahaha). I’m an author. I can’t seem to fight it, trust me I’ve tried, my characters always win. Anything else is just crazy talk!


Eileen: What are you working on now? a sequel? something new?

Britt: I’m in the middle of editing the next installment of The Etched Tales, Hushed (#2). I’m also, brainstorming for the 3rd book. Lastly, I’m trying to thwart off a new series that is creeping into my brain (Get back! Get back! I have the Tales to finish! Hahaha). My brain is always loud with chaos.

Thank you Britt for joining Feature Friday on Bookwormstothemax!

Author Bio


Britt Nunes

I write to give my literary lungs a stretch – to express and explore. I write because I’m a dork that’s addicted to rich words, suspenseful stories, flecks of romance, and massive amounts of coffee. So people can be whisked away for as long as their nose is safely tucked inside my story.  For the teenager that’s trapped inside my body that clamors for more pages to read. I write out of pure insanity, weirdoness, and overall, love.