Bonjour Bookworms!

I have finally returned from my trip to Europe. It has been such a great month of traveling, but I’m so happy to come back to blogging again! Traveling Europe has opened my eyes to a new and spectacular world. It was a beautiful experience and I can’t wait to return! For the past month, I’ve been eating gelato in Italy, skiing the slopes in Switzerland, trying escargot in France, and tormenting the palace guards in England.

These next few weeks will be a bit unorganized and hectic since I will be trying to make up posts and reviews that I’ve missed, so bear with me!

I’m so excited to share a few of my pictures from my trip with you all!

photo 1

On my first day in Italy, I visited the Roman Colosseum! It was great to see a big piece of Ancient Rome.

photo 2

I also had to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Hopefully, I will return to Rome one day!

photo 4

On my last day in Italy, I went to the city of Tivoli and fell in love with the scenery. The town, the buildings, and the people were so amazing!

photo 2the

After Italy, I traveled to Wengen, Switzerland. Switzerland was definitely my favorite country to visit. It was great to take a break from the hot weather and busy streets in Italy. Witnessing the snowfall, the mountains, and the waterfalls was so refreshing and peaceful!

photo 1jjj

In Switzerland, I visited the Jungfrau Mountain and had a great snow-ski day!

photo 5thge photo 4c

Leaving Switzerland was a bittersweet moment, but I was excited to move on to Paris! The Eiffel Tower was such a great spectacle. Paris was everything I imagined it to be. The little cafes, the effortlessly fashionable people, and of course the shopping was perfect. During my visit in Paris, I did TRY escargots (snails) and although the experience was rather peculiar, snails are actually pretty tasty! Weird right?

anjje photo 1m

I ended my Europe trip in London, England. The UK was so much fun. I enjoyed learning about England’s history and admiring its amazing architecture. I even saw Wicked the Musical in London, which was PERFECT. Wicked is my new favorite musical and I currently have all the songs on repeat!

Thank you all so much for being amazing followers and following me through this journey! I am beyond grateful to have you guys!

Until next time….

Catcha later bookworms!